Be­liev­ing in your­self is es­sen­tial

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Whether you think that you can do some­thing or whether you think that you can’t, you’re right.

Have you heard that? It is the more de­tailed ver­sion of “be­lieve in your­self!” — a mantra I use on other peo­ple and then re­alise that it’s a much eas­ier thing to say than do. But re­search backs up my pat­ter!

The con­cept is called self­ef­fi­cacy — the be­lief that you have about suc­ceed­ing at a par­tic­u­lar task.

Let’s call it a be­lief that you can draw what you can see in a re­al­is­tic way.

Self-ef­fi­cacy can be helped by ei­ther see­ing other peo­ple show you the steps of how to draw some­thing — cue that web­site where you can find a video of how to do any­thing well — or be­ing told by your art teacher (the ex­pert) or trusted friend that you can do it. So you do it, and ac­tu­ally you aren’t dis­pleased by the re­sult. Could be im­proved but, if you can see that, you can work on it.

The next step is you do it again (maybe a cou­ple of times) and, crikey, you didn’t do too badly! Be­lieve in your­self and achieve your goal. Self-ef­fi­cacy for that task is soar­ing and with a few more suc­cesses you will find your­self achiev­ing what seemed a tad scary to start with.

Now I have a chal­lenge…be­lieve in your­self.

■ He­len English is a lo­cal artist and tu­tor

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