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Visit to museum sheds light on iconic park ride

- Shauni James —Shauni

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great week and are keeping well and healthy. The winter illnesses seem to be continuing to wreak havoc — if you are currently under the weather, I wish you a speedy recovery.

It was super cool to go to the Te Amorangi Trust museum to see and learn more about the iconic Toot ’n’ Whistle.

I was not in Rotorua when the miniature train used to go around Kuirau Park so unfortunat­ely I don’t have some of those treasured memories with Toot ’n’ Whistle, but I have heard stories from my colleagues about what they remember and how great it was.

Do you remember any fun days out that included Toot ’n’ Whistle?

It was great to catch up this week with some of the singers in Raukura Choir ahead of their performanc­es in the Upper North Island Cadenza.

It was awesome to hear how passionate the Rotorua Boys’ High School students were about their choir and performing, and I thought it was really special they all mentioned the brotherhoo­d that has formed among them.

All the best to the boys for the Cadenza performanc­es. Will you be heading along to see this talented group?

It is also exciting to hear the news Rotorua will holding a Blues and BBQ Festival later in the year.

It sounds like there will be some great music to check out, and I wasn’t aware that there were barbecuing competitio­ns until fairly recently so I’m keen to go along and check that out.

I’m sure the competitio­n will heat up and be fun for spectators to watch.

You can find out more informatio­n on page 5.

Last week I had the privilege of going along to John Paul College’s play Almost, Maine.

The students were amazing and every scene drew me in.

You can read my review of the show and see some more photos on page 8.

We really do have so many talented youth in our city.

I also went to see Rotorua Boys’ and Girls’ high schools’ production In the Heights last week, and it was also incredible.

I’m sure there are bright futures ahead for all these performanc­e stars in our city.

There is plenty more to read about in this week’s edition, such as the awesome result of Rotorua’s Chantelle Cobby in the Impact Awards (page 6), music scholarshi­p competitio­ns coming up (page 6), the many finalists announced for the Tompkins Wake Rotorua Business Awards (page 9), the lovely results and stories of the art tiles auction (page 12), and more.

Don’t forget to keep those thumbs ups and downs and readers’ photos rolling in.

Take care, until next time.

 ?? Photo / Supplied ?? Almost, Maine by John Paul College students was amazing to watch — pictured is Hayden Pringle and Molly Blezard-james.
Photo / Supplied Almost, Maine by John Paul College students was amazing to watch — pictured is Hayden Pringle and Molly Blezard-james.
 ?? ??

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