Rotorua Weekender



Thumbs Up

■ To all the cast, stage crew, the band and all others involved in the In the Heights production by Rotorua Boys’ and Girls’ high schools. It was fantastic and there was so much talent.

■ To the lovely man who saw I was going to struggle to open a cafe door with everything I was carrying and ran ahead to open it for me. It was very thoughtful.

■ To the pou whenua at Whakarewar­ewa Forest. They are beautiful.

■ To all the awesome sports results Rotorua athletes — both youth and adult — are achieving. There seems to often be great news on social media about our local sportspeop­le.

Thumbs Down

■ To cars doing skids on grass around Kuirau Park. There are areas of grass there all torn up and a mess. It’s not a good look.

■ To people who sit outside shops in the city centre and play their music loud on speakers. I’m sure there are some shop owners and workers who don’t appreciate having to listen to the music blaring while working.

■ The above views are submitted by readers, and are not necessaril­y that of the Weekender.

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