Rotorua Weekender

Rotorua choir ready to roll

Best upper North Island secondary school choirs will soon have their voices resonating

- Shauni James

Raukura Choir from Rotorua Boys’ High School is looking forward to sharing their energy, talent and enthusiasm at the Upper North Island Cadenza. Twelve of the best secondary school choirs in the upper North Island will have their voices resonating through the Energy Events Centre, including the Raukura Choir from Rotorua Boys’ High School, on August 22.

Cadenza is a two-day competitio­n where the 12 choirs compete against and sing with each other.

The Gala Concert is a culminatio­n of these two days and a feast of music as each choir presents a song individual­ly, as well as performing together in a large massed choir.

Cadenza is organised by the NZ Choral Federation and has grown out of The Big Sing competitio­n.

Raukura Choir director Elisha Hulton says she is really proud of the boys’ hard mahi.

She says they have practised every Thursday after school for the past three to four months, and to reach Cadenza is a credit to their talents and hard work.

Elisha says she enjoys the level of camaraderi­e with other colleagues from around the upper part of the

North Island at the Cadenza, and sharing each other’s passions in singing and teaching.

She says it has been full on preparing for Cadenza, as the boys have been involved in many other commitment­s too.

This includes the production In the Heights, some getting ready for kapa haka nationals in September, and some preparing for Dancenzmad­e.

Choir member Igor Da Silva says it felt great when they found out they had been selected for the Cadenza,

as it is another opportunit­y to show their talent as a group.

“We are ready to bring our next game and do even better.”

He thinks Cadenza is a great way to meet people within your region and who are into the same things you are.

“We have a lot of different cultures and are a very diverse choir group. Expressing different cultures in our group is one of my favourite things we do.”

Raukura Choir has been selected for the Upper North Island Cadenza previously too, and member Hunter Geary says it had been a whole new experience being there with everyone and performing.

He says during the Gala Concert you feel the support in the room, and it is cool seeing everyone support you while having fun too.

Hunter says he enjoys the brotherhoo­d and bonds created in the choir.

“We are basically like family, and that makes us perform that much better.”

Choir member Meleki Schuster says what he enjoyed about Cadenza in the previous year was watching other schools and seeing the interpreta­tion of their own choirs.

“We did songs connected to our culture and they did more traditiona­l choir songs.”

He says most of their members were in In the Heights, which was a chance to really extend their voices and helped practise for choir as well.

“I enjoy getting to sing and have fun with friends, and be on stage.

“I think our choir has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, especially when performing, and I think that stems from us having a great relationsh­ip and having fun while doing it.”

Choir member Josh Bravo says they were pretty hyped up when they found out they had made it into the Cadenza.

He says they had been hoping to go to the Finale, but Cadenza is still great and they are definitely excited to bring out new voices and categories along with their original songs.

Josh also enjoys the brotherhoo­d among the choir.

There is a lot of hard work involved in getting selected for the Cadenza event.

 ?? Photo / Supplied ?? Rotorua Boys’ High School’s Raukura Choir performing.
Photo / Supplied Rotorua Boys’ High School’s Raukura Choir performing.
 ?? ?? Rotorua Boys’ High School’s Raukura Choir.
Rotorua Boys’ High School’s Raukura Choir.

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