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Collective action making an impact

- Shauni James

Rotorua’s Chantelle Cobby has been announced as one of the Impact Awards winners, with the awards celebratin­g extraordin­ary young New Zealanders.

The Impact Awards winners were announced as part of Festival for the Future, a New Zealand innovation and leadership summit. The winners include a climate change leader, cofounders of a tech start-up reimaginin­g transport, twins who sing against domestic violence, and a charity putting pre-loved sneakers on the feet of kids in need.

Chantelle was one of five winners in the local category and is founder of The Microvolun­teering Collective.

The collective has been empowering more than 1000 people to make a difference, through bitesized volunteer tasks.

Microvolun­teering breaks down the barriers that often prevent people taking part in traditiona­l forms of volunteeri­ng, such as having limited time.

The bite-sized volunteer tasks allow people to make a difference in their community in small chunks of time, and microvolun­teering is driven by the idea that a huge impact can collective­ly be created when individual­s unite together to do a little good.

Chantelle says it was a special moment to be announced a winner.

“I’ve admired people who have been recognised since it [the awards] began, so I’m honoured to get to be part of that myself.”

She says she started the collective three years ago, and the award was testament to the power of collective action.

Inspiring Stories chief executive and founder Guy Ryan — a Young New Zealander of the Year and Edmund Hillary Fellow — says the contributi­on these young people are making is truly inspiring.

“These young New Zealanders are stepping up and finding very real ways through the challenges we face as a country, and as a globe. They are so committed, and their mahi is so impressive — we are thrilled to be able to support and celebrate them.”

The winners across six categories — climate, enterprise, global, local, inclusion and wellbeing — share $30,000 in prizes.

 ?? ?? Chantelle Cobby, The Microvolun­teering Collective founder.
Chantelle Cobby, The Microvolun­teering Collective founder.

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