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Educating migrants on police role


An upcoming seminar for migrants aims to help raise awareness of the police’s role and ways of keeping and feeling safe in New Zealand.

Citizens Advice Bureau Rotorua has been providing a face-to-face informatio­n service for new migrants under a contract with the Ministry of Immigratio­n for more than six years.

The purpose of the service is to arm migrants with informatio­n on all the issues they need to know about to make settling into the New Zealand way of life easier.

As part of the contract, the bureau is also required to provide migrants with the opportunit­y to find out more in-depth informatio­n on topics that are relevant to settling in to the Kiwi way of life. One of these seminars is planned for August 30, and is called

An Introducti­on to the Police and Keeping Safe in New Zealand.

Presented by Rotorua’s ethnic liaison officer, Constable Weiwei Verran, the seminar will cover topics such as the role of the police in New Zealand, reporting crime, keeping yourself safe, Neighbourh­ood Support and the role of the ethnic liaison officer.

Rotorua bureau manager Jane Eynon-richards says, “Depending on where people come from in the world, the attitude to police can be quite different. “This seminar will hopefully raise an awareness that the police are here to help people and enhance their feeling of safety in dayto-day life.”

The free session will last just over an hour and there will be an opportunit­y to ask questions. For more informatio­n and to register to attend, contact the bureau by calling (07) 348 3936 or emailing

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