Rotorua Weekender

Halloween fun around the city

- Shauni James

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a great week. The warmer temperatur­es are certainly becoming more noticeable, aren’t they?

If you dressed up or had an event for Halloween I hope you had a great time. I saw lots of costumes around the neighbourh­ood after work on Monday!

I had a Halloween event in the weekend, and I have to admit my costume didn’t end up being particular­ly creative. After a full Tinkerbell look didn’t work out, I had to downgrade to a very generic fairy with wings and a flower crown.

What sorts of costumes did you see or dress up in?

It was cool this week to chat with local Rod Hill about his photograph­y and his recent trip to India to photograph at the Meghakayak Festival. It was a prize he won as part of a photograph­y competitio­n last year, and how awesome of a prize is that!

You can check out the story on the next page.

It has been so great to see a number of locals on our television screens this year as they star in shows.

And you may have already spotted Alia and Shaun Branson as one of the competing teams on Cooks on Fire.

This sounds like an awesome opportunit­y and great fun for them, and the show might serve up some cooking inspiratio­n for us all too.

I have been able to try some of their food from Black Label Barbecue before and it was absolutely delicious!

All the best to Alia and Shaun on the show, and I’m sure we will all be cheering them on.

This week I also got to catch up with Wingspan Birds of Prey Centre executive director Debbie Stewart.

Wingspan celebrated its 30th anniversar­y this month since registerin­g as a charitable trust — what a great milestone!

They do some amazing work with our birds of prey, and I loved the couple of times I’ve visited and seen some of the birds. Have you visited the Wingspan Centre before?

You can have a read of the story on page 5.

There is so much more packed into this week’s Rotorua Weekender, that I could write about it all until this column was essay length! But I’ll let you just carry on reading.

Just some of the other stories include how the Rotorua Bike Festival went for the year of 2022, the upcoming NZ Aria Finals Night being held in Rotorua, a Q&A with Rotorua musician Alayna Powley, a virtual adventure all about health and wellbeing some of our local schools are enjoying, informatio­n on a couple upcoming awards nights, and a couple cool Trunk or Treat photos with Paul’s column.

Don’t forget to keep those thumbs ups and downs and reader’s photos rolling in.

Take care, until next time. Shauni

 ?? Photo / Rod Hill ?? A photo of Rod Hill’s during his trip to India.
Photo / Rod Hill A photo of Rod Hill’s during his trip to India.
 ?? ??

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