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Tarquin The Honest: The Hand of Glodd, by Gareth Ward

A Year in the Woods: Twelve Small Journeys into Nature, by Torbjørn Ekelund Reviews by Marie and Jemma

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If you are after a funny book filled with sarcasm, vanity and are of the belief that puns are not funny, then this is the book for you.

From dragons to necromance­rs to goblins and elves and all that’s in between, this book has it all.

Lightheart­ed with witty banter as well, this book is a fast and easy read.

Although it is based off Dungeons and Dragons characters, it reads like any other fantasy novel. However, do not be put off, you don’t need to know anything about DND to read this brilliantl­y written book.

The rather impressive and creative descriptio­ns and banter in this book will have you laughing out loud, snorting and sniggering away throughout the whole book. It is hilarious.

Set in the fantastica­l kingdom of Karll, join Tarquin, Lunar, Uuustin, Akra and Clatterbon­es on their (mis) adventure to retrieve the golden gauntlet of Glodd.


A Year in the Woods: Twelve Small Journeys into Nature, by Torbjorn Ekelund

I am a collector of beautifull­y written nature stories and this little hardback was a delightful addition to my library.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which is described as “a humourous and humble Walden for our times”.

Torbjorn remembers the time in his childhood when he was enchanted and inspired by nature, and as an adult he feels more like a guest rather than intertwine­d with his natural environmen­t.

He yearns to return to those feelings and decides he will spend one night for every month of the year by the same small pond in the woods not far from his home.

It is a practical way for him to engage with nature without going away for days or weeks at a time from his family and job, an achievable way for him to observe the changing of the seasons in this spot whilst also pondering the nature of solitude. It is really interestin­g to partake in his journey as a reader, to notice the quiet and subtle transforma­tions in the environmen­t, and the dramatic ones too — camping in a Nordic winter really puts our winters in perspectiv­e.

This book celebrates a return to simplicity, stillness and engaging with nature as humankind naturally once did, once upon a time, before the introducti­on of electricit­y and widespread technology that has distanced us from our surrounds and natural light. It is written with humility, a curiosity and openness, and is very engaging.


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