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We’re filling the bus again — and aiming for $100,000


I’m hoping that you have heard or read by now that The Hits Fill The Bus is back again in 2022, collecting for the Salvation Army Foodbank.

Over the past seven years we have collected more than $85,000 worth of food for the cause, and our aim this year is to crack the 100k mark.

We don’t need to break any collection records to make this a reality, and given the circumstan­ces of the year, we don’t expect to.

But we know that, as a community, we will come together again to help out this cause that, in turn, helps so many others.

All the team are looking forward to being out all over Rotorua on Wednesday, December 7, supported by the Rotorua Daily Post, spending 10 hours on a Cityride bus thanks to Ritchies and BOP Regional Council.

As well as organised visits to schools and businesses, we’ll be stopping off at public places like shopping centres, supermarke­ts and parks, so you can come and drop off a can or two (or more if you like) to contribute to the great cause that is the Salvation Army Foodbank.

Keep an eye on our webpage for the full itinerary of where we will be and when. We’d love to see you help us out.

Santa’s sequels

There are so many things that are great about Christmas, and family traditions at this time of the year can be pretty special.

We’ve had one in our household for many years, but sadly last year we weren’t able to do it, as we were unable to get together as a group for the first time.

That tradition? Sitting down and watching the Tim Allen movie The Santa Clause.

It has always been a family favourite along with both sequels. And I am happy to say we will be able to renew the tradition this year, along with something new to add to it!

I was pretty excited earlier this week to learn that Disney+ is releasing a new The Santa Clauses mini-series featuring many of the original cast, and a storyline that has Tim Allen’s character Scott Calvin on the brink of his 65th birthday and realising that he can’t be Santa forever.

The first episode has just been released, but we’ll be waiting until the whānau is back under one roof to watch it together.

Sausie, sauce and bread

For as long as I can remember, radio stations and sausage sizzles have gone hand-in-hand.

And with all my years in radio, there was a running joke for a while that I had probably cooked more sausages on the streets of Rotorua than anybody.

From car yards to appliance stores, and gyms to clothing shops, a Saturday morning radio station broadcast would see us cook anywhere between 300 to 500 sausages a week to dish out to locals who came and joined in the fun.

It was truly amazing how a banger, bread and sauce made everybody feel good.

Admittedly we don’t do it all that much any more as a freebie from the radio station and those previously mentioned local stores, but as a fundraiser they are still everywhere, and still a sure-fire winner today for the average Kiwi.

One of the regular sausage sizzles we see are the famous Bunnings Warehouse community group fundraiser­s, so Jono and Ben from The Hits Breakfast are wanting to celebrate these, by heading out on the Bunnings Warehouse Sausage Sizzle Tour of NZ, visiting every Bunnings store in the country. That’s 41 stores!

They will be here in Rotorua on Wednesday afternoon from 2.45pm to 3.15pm, so head down to say hi to the guys. And grab a sausage too!

■ Paul Hickey is your local host on The Hits Rotorua weekdays between 9am and 3pm, featuring Rotorua news, informatio­n and giveaways, plus trending stories from around the world. Listen on 97.5FM or download the iheartradi­o app. PLUS follow The Hits Rotorua and Paul on Facebook and Instagram.

 ?? Photo / Andrew Warner ?? Heather Turner and Dave Cronshaw from Damar Industries with Paul Hickey from The Hits during food collection­s for last year’s Fill the Bus.
Photo / Andrew Warner Heather Turner and Dave Cronshaw from Damar Industries with Paul Hickey from The Hits during food collection­s for last year’s Fill the Bus.
 ?? ??

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