Rotorua Weekender

New people elected to Rotorua Trust

Pair excited to work for the community

- Shauni James

Fisher Wang and Cathy Cooney are both humbled and excited to have been elected as trustees for Rotorua Trust, which does work for the community they are passionate about.

The Rotorua Trust recently held its election, and last Friday the board had its first meeting. Fisher and Cathy are two newly elected trustees.

Cathy says she is absolutely delighted to have been elected, and that the board is going to be a wonderful team.

“We are all very passionate about Rotorua. I see the trust as part of the fabric of our community with the breadth and range of organisati­ons whose kaupapa it supports.”

She says she has lived in Rotorua for 27 years, and has been involved in various leadership roles in the city within the health and education sectors. She is also very involved with a number of community groups.

Within these roles and community involvemen­t, she has seen examples of the support Rotorua Trust provides and how much of a difference it makes.

Cathy says one example includes the trust helping the district health board in getting its first MRI scanner, and another is supporting the new St John Presbyteri­an Church with the fit-out of a commercial kitchen, which is used by many people.

“I have always admired the role the trust plays in terms of helping to grow and develop organisati­ons . . . and helping them on to a sustainabl­e and enduring footing.”

She says: “Every one of these contributi­ons really makes a big difference to taking the city forward, and many organisati­ons are supported in various ways.”

The first board meeting last Friday was a great one that got straight into it, and herself and Fisher were very welcomed as new trustees, she says.

“Thank you to everyone who supported my election. I’ll work hard, and am looking to make a positive contributi­on and difference for our town. It is humbling to be elected.”

Fisher agrees the first board meeting went really well, and got straight into it with the grants after introducin­g themselves.

“I stood because the work the trust does is something I am incredibly passionate about.”

He says the funding provides so much support for many community organisati­ons that do great work in our community, and he really wanted to help contribute and play his part.

For him personally, the added bonus is getting to make decisions with real impact for the community without the politics. Fisher says he also wants to help provide a youth perspectiv­e, and to support opportunit­ies for rangatahi to succeed and excel.

“It was a great first meeting and is a great team. I’m really looking forward to working alongside all of them and to carrying out the trust portfolio of vibrancy, with a focus on arts, culture, and sports.

“I am incredibly humbled by the support and I want to thank everyone for putting their trust in me. I look forward to continuing to work for our community.”

Gregg Brown, Catherine Frances Cooney, Stewart Edward, Mike Keefe, Merepeka Raukawa-tait and Fisher Wang were elected when voting closed at 12 noon on November 19.

Stewart Edward and Mike Keefe were unanimousl­y selected as chair and deputy chair of the Rotorua Trust. Stewart fills the role of chairman, and Mike is the deputy chairman. .

 ?? Photo / Supplied ?? The Rotorua Trust board of trustees after their first board meeting last Friday.
Photo / Supplied The Rotorua Trust board of trustees after their first board meeting last Friday.

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