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Now get your plas­tic scraper and work­ing from tip to tail, hold the scraper slightly an­gled for­ward against the base and start scrap­ing off the wax. (Pic 4 and 4a) Make sure that your scraper has a nice sharp, flat edge on it be­fore you start. If it has any burrs or nicks, run it length­wise along a file to even it out. (Pic 5) It might seem weird to scrape off the wax you just put on, but heat­ing the wax al­lows it to soak into the base. If your scraper has a notch in one cor­ner, run it along the edges of your skis to re­move wax that has run over the side but be care­ful to hold it at a right an­gle so you don’t gouge the base of the ski. (Pic 6) Now buff your skis with the brillo pad (or a stiff brush), again go­ing from nose to tail, this will take off any ex­cess wax and leave a nice fin­ish. (Pic 7)

And you’re done! Now you’ll go faster, turn bet­ter, make new friends and re­pel bears (pos­si­bly). You can’t go wrong!




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