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Con­ser­va­tion Week is un­der­way and last week­end, I no­ticed the Taranaki Re­gional Coun­cil held a Preda­tor-free Taranaki in­for­ma­tion meet­ing where peo­ple could pick up rat traps and boxes to trap pests. Good work! The is­sue I have in con­ser­va­tion week is I have put a huge amount of time and en­ergy into my prop­erty to at­tract a safe en­vi­ron­ment to at­tract bird life, na­tive and oth­er­wise.

The big­gest pest hunt­ing preda­tor in my prop­erty is the neigh­bour­hoods’ cats. They roam un­con­trolled around my prop­erty, yes they may kill any rats or mice they can, but these non-bor­der con­trolled pets are seen to be fright­en­ing and catch­ing the birds here, even climb­ing the trees.

Yet, when the cat ques­tions are asked with the Taranaki Re­gional Coun­cil and the Strat­ford District Coun­cil staff, they just shrug their shoul­ders, and end of dis­cus­sion. Ques­tion, the mice on my prop­erty, I have yet to see ev­i­dence of them killing and eat­ing the birds yet these cats, well! Con­ser­va­tion week, mmm. What about this cat is­sue in too hard bas­ket.

Ti­tiro ki mua kia whakatika a muri. Look to the past to pro­ceed into the fu­ture.


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