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Rear­ing — Sinea Aldridge (1st), Cooper Beck (2nd), Pay­ton Oakes (3rd)

Lead­ing — Pay­ton Oakes (1st), Sinea Aldridge (2nd), Cooper Beck (3rd).

Poster — Cooper Beck (1st), Pay­ton Oakes (2nd), Sinea Aldridge (1st)

Re­serve Cham­pion: Pay­ton Oakes

Cham­pion: Sinea Aldridge Year 1 and 2:

Rear­ing — Rosie Mehring (1st), Kaylee Lep­per (2nd), Si­enna Cald­well (3rd), Ella Eich­staedt

(4th), Lacey Beck (5th) Lead­ing — Rosie Mehring (1st), Si­enna Cald­well (2nd), Kaylee Lep­per (3rd), Henry Oakes (4th), Ella Eich­staedt (5th) Poster — Kaylee Lep­per (1st) Si­enna Cald­well (2nd), Henry Oakes (3rd), Ella Eich­staedt

(4th), Lacey Beck (5th) Re­serve Cham­pion: Si­enna Cald­well Cham­pion: Rosie Mehring Year 3 and 4:

Rear­ing — Kaitlin Mehring

(1st), Annabel Eich­staedt (2nd), Bryanna Moir (3rd), Chloe Tay­lor (4th), Cady-Ma­ree Bar­rib­all (5th)

Lead­ing — Bryanna Moir (1st), Annabella Aldridge (2nd), Kaitlin Mehring (3rd), Linda Mor­gan (4th), Chloe Tay­lor (5th) Poster — Cady-Ma­ree Bar­rib­all

(1st), Chloe Tay­lor (2nd), Annabel Eich­staedt (3rd), Annabella Aldridge (4th), Ross Mor­gan (5th). Re­serve Cham­pion: Bryanna Moir Cham­pion: Kaitlin Mehring Year 5 to 8:

Rear­ing — Is­abelle Rad­ford

(1st), Caitlin Atkins (2nd) Lead­ing — Is­abelle Rad­ford

(1st), Caitlin Atkins (2nd) Poster — Caitlin Atkins (1st), Is­abelle Rad­ford (2nd) Re­serve Cham­pion: Caitlin Atkins. Cham­pion: Is­abelle Rad­ford

Sinea Aldridge was one of the Calf Club win­ners at the Strat­ford A&P Show.

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