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Nominees confirmed for local councils

Stratford mayor re-elected unopposed while South Taranaki mayor faces challenger for the job

- Ilona Hanne

Voters in Taranaki will begin receiving their voting papers for the 2022 local government elections next month, after nomination­s for candidates closed at noon last Friday.

However, not all candidates will be waiting for election day to know if they have a seat.

Some seats across the region have received the same number of candidates as there were seats available.

All candidates will be officially declared by public notice on Wednesday, August 17.

In Stratford, current Mayor Neil Volzke is set to be re-elected unopposed with his nomination for mayor the only one received by the deadline, a council spokespers­on said in an email on Friday.

The number of candidates for both the Stratford Urban and the Stratford Ma¯ori wards also matched the number of seats available, said the spokespers­on.

“At the time of this update, an election will be held for the Stratford Rural General ward only, giving rural residents the opportunit­y to help decide who best represents them.”

The candidates standing for election in the rural ward, which has four seats available, are Grant Boyde, Amanda Harris, Vaughan Jones, Steve Beck and Nicole McDonald.

The Stratford Urban ward has six seats, which are set to be filled by current councillor­s Min McKay, Jono Erwood and John Sandford, joined by newcomers Mathew Watt, Ellen Hall and Annette Dudley.

Clive Tongaawhik­au was the only person to put his name forward for the one seat available in the Stratford Ma¯ori ward, meaning he will also be elected unopposed.

Stratford voters will all have the opportunit­y to have their say when it comes to who represents them at the Taranaki Regional Council table, however, with the one seat available in the Stratford Constituen­cy attracting a total of four nomination­s.

Those candidates are Mary Bourke, Alan Jamieson, Matthew McDonald and Andrew Wood.

South Taranaki District Council had enough candidates when nomination­s closed at noon on Friday, however, an error was discovered with a nomination for the Te Ha¯wera ward seat, meaning the nomination had to be withdrawn.

“This means there will need to be a by-election for the Te Ha¯wera ward council seat as there are only four candidates for the five seats,” council communicat­ions manager Gerard Langford said.

South Taranaki voters will also be asked to choose their mayor, with current South Taranaki Mayor Phil Nixon standing for election as is newcomer Walter Smith.

Both of South Taranaki’s Ma¯ori wards are also going to the polls.

Leanne Horo and Caroline Waiwiri are vying for the one seat available in the Te Ku¯rae ward.

Glen Katu and Tuteri Rangihaeta are standing for election to the one seat in the Te Tai Tonga ward.

All other South Taranaki District Council ward seats (Eltham-Kaponga, Pa¯tea and Taranaki Coastal) received the same number of nomination­s as seats, while the four community boards received more nomination­s than seats.

New Plymouth District Council will release candidate names on Wednesday this week a spokespers­on said, with just provisiona­l candidate numbers available before then.

According to those provisiona­l numbers, there are eight candidates standing for the role of New Plymouth mayor.

The majority of wards and community boards will also have more candidates than spots.

 ?? Photo / NZME ?? Voting papers will be sent to enrolled voters in the week beginning on September 16.
Photo / NZME Voting papers will be sent to enrolled voters in the week beginning on September 16.

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