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Whanga's Men in Black claim Dean Cup

- Bloss Coplestone

The Dean Cup is now Whanga’s Cup after Glen’s Men in Black saw off challenger­s Toko at the Whanga Domain on a beautiful day in the Republic.

Toko drew first blood with a try to Liam Cole (whose little sip didn’t go according to plan), but this seemed to galvanise the Whanga side and Willem Ratu ran strongly to set Thomas Allen up for two tries.

Then William Guthie on the wing and Willem and Thomas again all scored before halftime with Toko getting one to make the halftime score 27-12.

Whanga supporters were tentativel­y optimistic, but it’s never over till the fat lady sings; then four more tries plus conversion­s from Daniel Bishop, Willem, Brock Gower and a brilliant intercept by Nick Childs took the final score to 55-17 after a late try to Toko.

An absolute, complete display by the Men in Black who surely must have been an inspiratio­n for Fozzy’s men.

That man Thomas Werder played his heart out for Whanga again and was player of the day, earning three points and thereby winning the Neutroski Cup for 2022 as player of the year.

Brother Sami is doing the honours as cows wait for no man. Zane Neil got two points with Willem Ratu one.

For Toko, player of the day was Cody Grayling with three points, Campbell Moore with two and Josh Howatson with one.

In the Jean Cup, Toko beat challenger­s Strathmore 35-22 to hold on to the cup. Courtney Roberts was Toko’s player of the day and Pippa Waite was Strathmore’s.

So that’s a wrap for the Dean and Jean cups season. To all the team players, coaches, managers, sponsors, master chefs, rehydratio­n experts, and groundsmen — never think you are doing a thankless task.

Congratula­tions to Murray Peat on becoming a life member of the rugby club. Murray has been involved with the club for over 35 years in many capacities and this is well deserved.

But the day was twanged with sadness with the sudden death of Ian Bush Irwin on Friday night. Bush was a life member of the rugby club and an avid supporter. He will be greatly missed.

So it’s still all go in the Republic with a comedy night at the Whanga Pub on Saturday and on to the Whanga Pig Hunt on Sunday. Weigh in at the Whanga Domain from 1pm. If you are into a bit of laughter, blood and gore, Whanga has it all.

 ?? Photo/ Supplied ?? Whangamomo­na’s Men in Black are the owners of the Dean Cup for the year.
Photo/ Supplied Whangamomo­na’s Men in Black are the owners of the Dean Cup for the year.

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