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Programme pitches perfection


The grass is looking greener for Taranaki premier club cricket pitches, which are set to benefit from a new partnershi­p between Taranaki Cricket and Expert Turf.

Expert Turf is a lawn and turf services company founded in 2005 by husband-and-wife team Matt and Larise Wright.

Expert Turf has been announced the new official partner for Taranaki’s premier men’s club cricket competitio­ns for 2022-23.

The partnershi­p includes a pitch assistance programme rolled out to Taranaki clubs to help them care for their wicket blocks.

Taranaki Cricket Associatio­n general manager Ryan Evans says preparing and maintainin­g good quality pitches can be one of the biggest investment­s clubs make.

“So we’re really grateful to Expert Turf for coming on board and partnering with us to enable us to deliver some expert advice and support for our clubs. ”

A good playing surface is absolutely critical for top-quality cricket, he says.

Expert Turf owner Matt Wright says the partnershi­p with Taranaki Cricket was a good opportunit­y to combine their knowledge with the needs of the local clubs.

The club season is fast approachin­g, with the first Expert Turf Premier Grade fixtures scheduled for October 1.

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