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A chance to walk on the water tower

Night tour offers unique view of South Taranaki from Hawera icon

- Alyssa Smith

People will be able to get a panoramic night view of South Taranaki this month. A Hawera Water Tower night tour is taking place this month, and South Taranaki District Council events co-ordinator Emma Vennell says it’s the chance to see the town at night from a birds-eye view.

“It’s a completely different view at night. Hawera is completely lit up and you can see the neighbouri­ng towns as well.”

With the success of the night tour earlier in the year, Emma says the team decided to organise another one.

“We had a lot of visitors come and take part. Some of them were interested in going a second time and given the numbers, we struggled to take everyone up. This is a chance for the people who want to go up a second time or couldn’t make it the first time to come and climb the water tower and see south Taranaki from a different perspectiv­e.”

The tower was built in 1912 after a disastrous fire took place in the town. In 2000 large chunks of concrete fell off the tower and after public consultati­on, it was decided to restore the tower and keep it as a landmark.

The water tower now serves as a tourist attraction and a home to cellular antennae. Standing tall at 54 metres high, visitors climb the 215 steps to make it to the viewing platform, Emma says.

“It’s a very popular attraction in our town. The night tour is the only chance to climb the water tower in the evening, with tours usually finishing around 4pm.”

She says people are encouraged to bring a torch so they can see and to also note the stairs get narrow closer to the top.

“We also ask that people under the age of 18 have parental supervisio­n. We have people from the ages of two all the way up to 70 come for the night tour.”

 ?? Photo/ Alyssa Smith ?? A Ha¯ wera Water Tower night tour is taking place this month.
Photo/ Alyssa Smith A Ha¯ wera Water Tower night tour is taking place this month.

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