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One-stop shop for rural services

Landpro and Agfirst share floorspace in Broadway building

- Alyssa Smith

One old building has been turned into a fresh new home for two businesses in Stratford. Landpro Taranaki and Agfirst Taranaki already have a shared interest and focus in the rural sector, and are now also sharing floorspace in the old ColourPlus Stratford building on Broadway.

Landpro director Kathryn Hooper says when the shop became available for rent, she immediatel­y knew it was the perfect location for a central Taranaki base.

“I’ve wanted to establish an office in Stratford for a while. Most of the work I do is with clients from Stratford

and South Taranaki so to better support those clients, I wanted to be closer to them. ”

Kathryn says sharing the space with Agfirst Taranaki was about more than just sharing costs.

“Our services complement each other. Landpro is a multi-disciplina­ry consultanc­y with a focus on regional New Zealand. We deal with resource management, environmen­tal issues and land developmen­t. AgFirst helps to manage farm systems and has a range of skills to help their clients. We fit together so it made sense to work in a space together and be able to collaborat­e. It’s like a one-stop shop for our clients.”

Kathryn says Landpro is helping farmers navigate a vast range of new rules and regulation­s coming through.

Navigating the new regulation­s can be tricky, she says.

“We’re here to help. Most of the work we’re doing currently focuses on renewing resource consents and converting farms to land-based effluent

treatments. This is where our relationsh­ip with Agfirst comes into play.

“When you change a system you need new infrastruc­ture and a management plan which is where their skillsets lie.”

As well as helping clients, Kathryn is also working with the Stratford Park Project. “I’m providing the planning and advice for that. The Stratford Park Project will be highly beneficial to Stratford and the Taranaki region ...”

Kathryn says she is enjoying getting to know the town and the people.

“It’s such a lovely little town and I’m so pleased Landpro Taranaki and AgFirst Taranaki have set up a space here so we can support our farmers and make it easier for them.”

 ?? ?? Landpro Taranaki and Agfirst Taranaki will help farmers from their new site.
Landpro Taranaki and Agfirst Taranaki will help farmers from their new site.

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