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Jessie to observe Venture Taranaki

Young Farmers chairwoman wins Emerging Director award, looking forward to year of mentoring and learning

- Alyssa Smith

The chairwoman of New Zealand Young Farmers will learn plenty of skills for her governance roles over the next 12 months. Inglewood woman Jessie Waite won the Institute of Directors Taranaki Emerging Director Award. She says she was pleased to win the accolade.

“It’s going to be a great experience.”

In winning the award, Jessie will be an observer on the Venture Taranaki Trust Board.

“By having that opportunit­y with the Venture Taranaki Trust board I will be able to meet people who have been in a governance role for a long time and also learn from them.”

Jessie, a former Stratford Press journalist, grew up in Taranaki and lived in Lepperton. While she didn’t live on a farm herself, she would often help her neighbours, which nurtured her passion for the dairy sector.

While at New Plymouth Girls’ High School, Jessie took classes in agricultur­al studies and land-based training.

She then went on to WITT where she completed her diploma in journalism, working at the Stratford Press for a couple of years before heading south to Oamaru to work for another community paper.

While she was in Oamaru Jessie first became a member of Young

Farmers, and remained a member when she returned to Taranaki in 2016.

She is very much involved with the primary sector and Young Farmers, chairing the New Zealand Young Farmers Board and working for Ospri, where she supports Taranaki

farmers. “I love working with farmers and supporting them and ensuring they feel confident. It’s such a rewarding job. Being the person they can talk to is just fulfilling.”

Over the next year Jessie says she will be like a sponge, absorbing all the informatio­n to learn as much as she can.

“This will help me build my skillset in my own governance roles.”

Jessie had to put in an applicatio­n for the award which was a rewarding process, she says.

“We had to answer questions about what we see as the most important aspect of governance and what we can bring to a governance role. We also had an interview as well. I was very excited when I received the phone call to tell me I had won the award.”

She is honoured to receive the award.

“This is going to be another learning experience where I can build up my skills and put the skills I have on the table for my governance roles,” she said.

Jessie will also receive developmen­t opportunit­ies through the Institute of Directors.

“The next 12 months are going to be very rewarding. I will be able to speak with some amazing people and be able to ask them questions and overall increase my skills.”

She encourages anyone at the beginning of their governance career to apply for the award.

“Awards like these provide learning experience­s that will help a lot in the future.”

 ?? Photo / Supplied ?? Jessie Waite won the Institute of Directors Taranaki Emerging Director Award.
Photo / Supplied Jessie Waite won the Institute of Directors Taranaki Emerging Director Award.

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