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There are so many great movies com­ing out over sum­mer, it’s hard to know what to choose to watch.

But never fear, pod pick­ers, there are some great movie re­view pod­casts to help.

Ker­mode and Mayo: This pod­cast fea­tures the lon­grun­ning BBC ra­dio duo of Si­mon Mayo and movie re­viewer Mark Ker­mode.

Each­week, these two pro­duce a longer ver­sion of their ra­dio show for pod­cast, and their re­views of the lat­est flicks are full of sass from Ker­mode and sen­si­ble chat from ev­ery­man Mayo.

They also have great in­ter­views with prom­i­nent movie peo­ple, in­clud­ing ac­tors, direc­tors and pro­duc­ers.

The spe­cial part of this pod­cast is the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the two hosts and their hi­lar­i­ously re­al­is­tic views of the movie world.

The Re­watch­ables re­vis­its pop­u­lar movies such as Speed, Die Hard, Jaws and Face/Off, and, through a lively, ac­ces­si­ble dis­cus­sion, re­counts what makes them great.

This pod is a lot of fun, and episodes dis­cuss the plot of the movie, the cast­ing of ac­tors and the de­bate over what makes each movie worth watch­ing more than once.

No­table episodes in­clude Taken, which looks at whether Liam Nee­son kick-started a golden age of mid­dle-aged dude ac­tion heroes. The hosts ex­ag­ger­ate a lot, but that’s part of the fun, and there’s a real sense that these dis­cus­sions are con­ver­sa­tions you would have with friends.

No­table men­tion goes to Movie Re­view in 20 Qs – a Kiwi pod­cast that dis­sects pop­u­lar movies us­ing 20 funny, weird or poignant ques­tions. Lots to learn about movies you might have watched be­fore and can now hear about in a new light.

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