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Across 1.

Stupid person may be a dud, all right (7)

5. It is heartfelt, seeing that the Engineers conclude it (7)

9. Mountain region is on a downturn (9)

10. Gunman first to have shot at a spectre (5)

11. Closely wraps infant son and dawdles about (8)

12. Will not work at the knocking down of all the pins at once (6)

14. Mafia boss who sponsored a child at baptism (9)

16. A way in that’s of stone (5)

17. Lines known by those understand­ing details of procedure (5) 19. Scholarly people came as CID was out for them (9)

21. City district, bits of which one can cut in two (6)

22. Puts rice out, as seen at the cinema (8)

26. It sounds similar to a dog from Finland (5)

27. A car I name as among things characteri­stic of the USA (9) 28. Examine fly, say, going around pinhead (7)

29. They like being cruel to the South, it’s sad to relate (7)


1. Sulphur does get mixed as one takes one’s medicine (5)

2. Are told about a garment acrobat might wear (7)

3. One dead wrong to be offered assistance (5)

4. A fool who had deed run ragged (10)

5. She didn’t finish before midday, it being a pretence (4)

6. Making one get it, a way to cope with it successful­ly (9)

7. Coax tie out of things with a foreign flavour (7)

8. It could make me resent t’ light dish between courses (9)

13. Oily condition of the sea singers are upset by (10)

14. A shirty old Italian takes the biscuit (9)

15. How to link one with a partner or colleague (9) 18. It’s peas that go into Cornish pies (7) 20. Encroachme­nts made by the sadiron (7) 23. Attempted to be heard in court (5)

24. Continues to be in a corset (5)

25. Some of it will not stay together (4)

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