Sunday News




1. Magnificen­t parade to gape at maybe around beginning of November (7)

4 . Petty complaint about Bible after quiz is half gone (7)

8. A bread portion to wrap round on itself (4)

9. It may be allowed to miss one, and may be lad about it (10)

11. Sound system for planting trees out comes to nothing (6)

12. Pins the kilts set out for them (8) 14. One’s appearance in the subcontine­nt or an island country (9) 15. A step taken between one landing and another (5)

17. Waistcoat an American soldier is allowed to have (5)

18. Here added a sort that has Titian locks (3-6)

19. Small fowl seen diving around top of lake (8)

21. Memorial tablet may be removed by a dentist (6)

23. Saying sorry, I get Pa cool as can be (10) 24. It is minus what is not so much (4) 25. Can get sent around as it’s coming into being (7)

26. Get back over when half-cooked, and get it annulled (7)


Shin: gripe about it if it’s freezing cold (9)

2. Legend is one nothing could replace but an apple (6,9)

3. Diet changes according to whether it’s spring or neap (4)

4. They swallow one up fast and appear in Nazi force (10)

5. Implant one sent astray (5)

6. Blue band Basque king prepared with a dish of leftovers (6,3,6)

7. It flattens things out if it’s without a shade of odds (5)

10. A note given up as it curdles the milk (6)

13. A sort of string net that’s drawing together (10)

15. Pods peas for the cartridges (6) 16. Made reparation as one put on different clothes (9) 19. Is prepared, like a fowl, to have come out of the hat (5) 20. Sort of change what’s slack (5)

22. Storytelle­r who turns the bar over (4)

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