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tribal alliance

Fashion dances to the rhythm of an ethnic beat


From facial tattoos to ethnic prints and body-painted renditions of Na’vi warriors, the catwalks at Australian Fashion Week were in full tribal mode. That’s not to say any of it was anthropolo­gically correct, or even particular­ly culturally sensitive, but there was no denying it was a particular­ly strong trend.

And while the tribal look does have some similariti­es to boho and folk, it’s not about compiling an outfit that looks like you let loose in the local Trade Aid. Instead, choose a statement piece in Aztec print or with bright beading, and team it with some nude heels or skinny trousers to bring it back to this day and age. And if you don’t get tribal, don’t worry – it’s by no means a compulsory thing. But it sure makes a nice change from yet another season of animal print.

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