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t-shirt dresses


I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s picked one of these off the racks and wondered, ‘Is this a really long T-shirt or a really short dress?’ And if you’re still looking for an answer, it’s both.

As the name suggests, a T-shirt dress is an item of clothing that refuses to be pigeon-holed. It has a foot firmly in both camps. But definition­s aside, it can be a really helpful piece, as it skims all the problemati­c bits but looks cool at the same time. And while the lithe of leg can wear T-shirt dresses on their own, the rest of us will need leggings or skinny trousers underneath. For further silhouette elongation we’ll layer them with denim jackets or boyfriend blazers, and those with big busts will divert attention with a pretty scarf. Once we’re done, we’ll feel comfortabl­e and well-dressed but not too trussed up and fussy. And we certainly won’t be worried about what exactly it is we’ve got on.

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