Not ev­ery celebrity is great at makeup, but th­ese ones are.

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Iknow that half of any celebrity’s job is to be re­lat­able and that th­ese days they’re all PR-han­dled and me­di­a­trained to within an inch of their lives, but there are still a few of them who I feel a gen­uine fond­ness for.

Hey, maybe it’s a diet ver­sion of Stock­holm syn­drome af­ter look­ing at so many red car­pet pic­tures in the course of my work. Maybe I’ve just been suc­cess­fully mar­keted to. Ei­ther way, there are a few big names that rou­tinely bring me joy.

One quick way to this se­lect list is to make con­sis­tently ex­cel­lent aes­thetic choices. It’s an in­ex­act art, as I feel like peo­ple look best when they look like them­selves, who­ever that may be, but there are a few com­mon threads.

I like well-ex­e­cuted, some­times un­ex­pected choices that high­light a per­son’s best fea­tures and have an el­e­ment of ease about them. I don’t like things to look over­cooked, and I don’t like base prod­ucts that over­whelm good skin.

You know who’s the best at all that? Lupita Ny­ong’o. The Black Pan­ther star is ex­tremely ge­net­i­cally blessed, sure, but so are many who don’t look any­where near as good as she does. A Lan­come am­bas­sador and red car­pet high­light, Ny­ong’o knows her way around a makeup chair.

Of late, she’s been pair­ing a soft navy blue eye with a stained red lip. My plan is to play around with Lan­come Om­bre Hyp­nose Stylo Eye­shadow in Bleu Nuit ($50) un­til I have that blended-out wing just right. Those wish­ing to em­u­late the lip could do a lot worse than Revlon Kiss Balm in Crisp Ap­ple. Sheer, mois­tur­is­ing, and $11.

Per­haps less of a bound­ary-pusher but no less lovely is Alexa Chung. Her laid­back charm and ever-present winged liner have put her up there with Natascha McEl­hone in Cal­i­for­ni­ca­tion and 80s Bruce Spring­steen in terms of my aes­thetic in­flu­ences.

If you feel sim­i­larly, try Ur­ban De­cay Per­ver­sion Wa­ter­proof Fine-Point Eye Pen ($40). Just make sure to shake it or you’ll think it’s run out af­ter three weeks. I know I’m al­ways rec­om­mend­ing dif­fer­ent liner pens, but new and bet­ter ones just keep com­ing out. I’m sim­ply do­ing my duty.

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