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Free­lance photographer and stylist Greta van der Star spent so much time in her py­ja­mas she teamed up with a friend and cre­ated lux­ury sleep­wear la­bel Gen­eral Sleep.

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Itry to take my week­ends. If I don’t it’s very easy for my weeks to bleed over and I never end up hav­ing a rest day. Of­ten my part­ner, Tim, is away dur­ing the week – he shoots doc­u­men­taries – but he’s of­ten home on Sun­days so it’s quite a nice day just to go re­ally slow and en­joy our time at home.

We’ll nor­mally hang around in bed for quite a long time and ar­gue about who’s go­ing to make cof­fee. Who­ever makes cof­fee also makes break­fast. So we’ll have break­fast in bed and sit in bed for a while and read and kind of plan the day. We wake up quite early, but hang around in bed till 10 or 11.

We both re­ally en­joy cook­ing for each other and mak­ing up new sur­prise break­fast recipes. If I’m cook­ing it will prob­a­bly be some­thing like chilli eggs. If Tim’s cook­ing, he’s mas­ter of the break­fast bowl – so, like, co­conut yoghurt and chia and toasted nuts. We’re also kind of ob­sessed with clay­pot cook­ing at the mo­ment.

Tim and I try go on a bit of an ad­ven­ture and take our cam­eras with us, which is kind of nerdy. We both shoot a lot of film. We have so many beaches close by. We go on lit­tle mis­sions to­gether.

I got my first cam­era when I was 16. It was just an SLR 35mm clas­sic learn­ing cam­era. I de­cided to study pho­tog­ra­phy at high school and my grand­dad also took lots of pho­tos. I have mem­o­ries of stand­ing out­side his dark­room, which was beau­ti­ful. To get to it you had to walk through his be­go­nia green­house... I re­mem­ber wait­ing out­side un­til the red light turned off so I could come in and have a look at what he was do­ing.

I’m def­i­nitely drawn back to the desert and the south-west of the States quite a lot. I just keep go­ing back. Maybe it’s be­cause it’s the op­po­site of New Zealand. It’s dry and sparse with warm colours, whereas the light in New Zealand is quite blue. It’s got this re­ally in­tri­cate ecosys­tem within it as well, which you don’t see at first… quite nour­ish­ing, medic­i­nal plants ex­ist­ing in these re­ally sparse, dry en­vi­ron­ments. I think there’s a lot to learn there. It’s just a dif­fer­ent way of ex­ist­ing. And also I think a lot of creative stuff hap­pens in the desert.

I think it’s good to be con­scious about look­ing at what’s go­ing on. Not just in pho­tog­ra­phy, but in films and books and pod­casts. It’s just al­ways good to feed your­self and not get stuck in your ideas. It’s more in­ter­est­ing if you can push your­self and ex­plore new realms, new plat­forms, new medi­ums.

We spend so much of our life in bed. If you’re a py­jama wearer it’s prob­a­bly the gar­ment that you wear the most. You spend, let’s say, eight hours a night sleep­ing. You might lounge around in them on the week­end as well. Some days I just get home and put my py­ja­mas on and con­tinue working, just be­cause I want to be more com­fort­able. If you’re wear­ing that gar­ment a min­i­mum eight hours a night that gets more wear than your cloth­ing. So it’s quite im­por­tant for it to be durable and well made and com­fort­able and a nice fit.

We’re just think­ing about what we want. We just want to keep Gen­eral Sleep re­ally sim­ple and work more on the fit and the style than putting out new things all the time. It’s more im­por­tant for us to be con­sid­ered in what we’re do­ing. We felt there was a gap for the four pieces we launched with… and we’ve just slowly added things as we wanted them. Like a brushed cot­ton for win­ter and a robe and the bed­socks.

It kind of just hap­pens or­gan­i­cally. As we are start­ing to think about some­thing, we will just make it … and also what other peo­ple want. We cre­ated our uni­sex trousers be­cause some of our friends who bought our py­ja­mas said that their boyfriends kept steal­ing their py­jama pants to wear on cold morn­ings. We’re working on a new style at the mo­ment. Hope­fully it will be here for sum­mer. It’s kind of robe-like, but

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