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- Jehan Casinader

A NEW Gloriavale is taking shape, far from the West Coast. Hopeful Christian and other senior Gloriavale leaders have travelled to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where they are building a new faith-based township in Tirunelvel­i. ‘‘It’s called the Christian Church Community,’’ says Fervent Stedfast. ‘‘They have land, they live together, they have a school, and they’re learning to work and earn for themselves.’’

The project began after a group of Indian parents and children came to visit Gloriavale on the West Coast.

‘‘Some of the Indians said, ‘Could we help them establish that in India?’’’ says Stedfast, ‘‘And so we did. Some of our young women have gone and married Indian husbands, and they’re living there and being part of the community.’’

Gloriavale says it is not looking for large numbers of people to join the new group, but instead, ‘‘fully dedicated believers who are willing to forsake everything to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.’’

Young members of Gloriavale have visited the new site in Tamil Nadu. They say the pace, culture and environmen­t in India is dramatical­ly different to what they have experience­d in New Zealand.

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