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Battle over wife’s property ends


A legal battle over slain Aucklander Cissy Chen’s multi-million-dollar property portfolio will be settled out of court.

The man acquitted of Chen’s murder, Jack Liu, still lives in the $1.2 million Torbay house they shared before she disappeare­d six years ago. Her body was later found in a drain.

Liu, the prime suspect, was acquitted at trial in 2014.

After Liu was charged, her older brother Philip Chen placed caveats on his sister’s Torbay property, and a property she owned in Mt Roskill, which is estimated to be worth $740,000.

Mortgage data for Liu is not known, but the combined values of both properties is around $2 million.

The caveats effectivel­y made a claim of ownership to the properties and froze their right to sale. Liu tried to remove them, and Stuff revealed in October that the disagreeme­nt had reached the High Court at Auckland, with Chen filing civil proceeding­s against Liu.

However, High Court staff said on Monday no future hearing had been scheduled for the proceeding­s. Chen and Liu were having settlement discussion­s and a notice of discontinu­ance was to be filed soon.

New caveats were placed on the Torbay and Mt Roskill properties in November. Neither of the properties are on the market. likely to be

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Cissy Chen

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