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Retiree ‘stunned’ by competitio­n win


The first winner of the Sunday Star-Times Suzuki Summer Car Giveaway says he was ‘‘quite stunned’’ when he found out he won a brand new Suzuki.

Retired pharmacist David Hughes, 70, from the Hastings suburb of Frimley, said it was a ‘‘marvellous feeling’’.

‘‘I was at the beach and had not much to do so I got a text through with the number for the first competitio­n and I entered it into the phone,’’ he said.

‘‘I’d never ever felt I had the time or the inclinatio­n normally but yeah, absolutely unbelievab­le when I was phoned the other day.’’

Hughes, who lives with his wife Cath, said he was ‘‘very grateful’’.

‘‘I told Cath and we couldn’t believe it really, because I’ve never really won anything much at all in my life. As I say, I’m not one to enter much competitio­ns a great deal, so it was just very exciting.’’

Hughes was told of the news on Monday.

There are still four more winners for our Summer Car Giveaway to be announced.

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