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‘Kiwi’ criminal


I was appalled to read that an American Samoa-born man, with Australian parents, who has never set foot in New Zealand, is to be deported here from Australia because of his criminal past (‘Kiwi’ crim: I’ve never set foot in NZ, News, January 14).

The country was rightly up in arms because Peter Thiel, an American billionair­e, became a New Zealand citizen after spending a few days in this country over several years.

It is a bit rich for Australia to say that Alex Viane presents a danger to Australian­s, but they appear to consider that it is quite acceptable for him to present a danger to us. Why are they not deporting him to American Samoa? My guess is that the easy option is to take us on rather than an incorporat­ed territory of the US.

Margaret McKay, Lower Hutt

disposal, every step of the nuclear fuel cycle is fraught with hazards.

Michael Fleck, Waiheke Island

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