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Next-gen Hyundai EV: Nexo


Hyundai’s next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCV) is called Nexo. Unlike the maker’s previous ix35-based FCV, Nexo is a bespoke model. It’s a major step in Hyundai’s stated aim to introduce 18 new eco-models by 2025 and will be available in selected markets this year.

Nexo has a 95kW fuel cell and 40kW battery pack. It has a range of up to 800km and can accelerate from 0-96kmh (60mph) in 9.5 seconds. Using a dedicated architectu­re has allowed Hyundai to move the battery to the boot, improve cabin space and optimise the fuel-cell layout.

Nexo not only serves as a base for production­ised fuel-cell technology, but will also serve as a testbed for automated-drive features. The car features Blindspot View Monitor (BVM), which Hyundai claims is an industry-first technology. The centre cluster shows the driver rear and side views of the car while changing lanes, in either direction.

Lane Following Assist is a first for Hyundai, automatica­lly adjusting steering to keep the Nexo in the middle of the lane at up to 140kmh. It works with Highway Driving Assist (HDA), which uses map and sensor data to regulate the car’s speed in certain environmen­ts.

Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) enables Nexo to be automatica­lly parked and then retrieved from tight spaces, without a driver in the vehicle.

 ??  ?? Hyundai’s Nexo fuel-cell car can travel 800km on fuel-cell power.
Hyundai’s Nexo fuel-cell car can travel 800km on fuel-cell power.

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