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10. Officially known as ‘the silver state’, it is the seventh largest state in the US by area (6)

11. Small guitar with four strings (7)

12. A unit of illuminati­on (3)

13. Neill __, New Zealand actor who plays the role of Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd in (3)

14. City in northwest India whose shrine attracts more visitors than the Taj Mahal (8)

15. North American title for the sport of clay pigeon shooting (5)

16. A young walrus or hippopotam­us (4)

17. Patron saint of lost causes in the Catholic church (4)

18. “Happiness is like a __, if you stare at it long enough, it evaporates”: Sarah McLachlan (5)

20. Web browser designed by Apple, released in 2003 (6)

21. novel by English author E. Nesbit, published in 1902 (8)

23. Spanish name for a series of parallel mountain ranges, especially in the Andes (10)

25. “I thought art was a __, rather than a noun”: Yoko Ono (4)

26. New Zealand and Australian abbreviati­on for the state retirement pension (5)

28. Fictional character who rode a horse called Scout (5)

30. An extreme downpour of water, sometimes accompanie­d by hail and thunder (10)

33. Julie ___, actress who played Lara Antipova in the 1965 film


36. British term for a lightweigh­t waterproof jacket with a hood (6)

37. Geographic area in Europe which takes its name from a mountain range (7)

38. One of the brothers who make up the music group the Jonas Brothers (3)

39. The largest and most valuable gemstone of this kind was found in Coober Pedy, South Australia in 1956 (4)

40. North African capital, home to the Bardo museum (5)

42. Song released by Australian pop duo Savage Garden in 1996 (1,4,3)

43. Sash worn around a kimono (3)

44. British term, popular in the 1940s and 50s, for a petty criminal who made a living by dubious schemes (4)

45. Surname of actor who won an Oscar for and was Farrah Fawcett’s partner for 28 years, although they never married (5)

46. Greek god of war (4)


1. Fortified wine flavoured with wormwood or other botanicals (8)

2. Savoury Moroccan dish named after the traditiona­l clay pot in which it is cooked (6)

3. Daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba who could prophecy future events (9)

4. Rugby union team whose coach, Chris Boyd, is the fifth in their 22-year history (10)

5. Floor coverings with types including flokati and chobi (4)

6. Name given to Land Rovers from 1990, after the Rover Group developed a variant model (8)

7. Highly contagious respirator­y disease known as whooping cough (9)

8. Aerobatic display team of the Royal New Zealand Air Force (5,7)

9. SUV manufactur­ed by Ford, also sold as the Mercury Mountainee­r (1997-2010) and Lincoln Aviator (2003-2005) (8)

19. One of the four major lobes of the cerebral cortex (9)

21. Auckland theatre which opened in 1929 (5)

22. A task done for no reward (6,2,4)

24. “We __ chaos because we love to produce order”: M.C. Escher (5)

27. Genre of music popular during the 1950’s (10)

29. 1943 book by British novelist C.S. Lewis (9)

31. One of the weapons in the game Cluedo (4,4)

32. Little pig character created by Beatrix Potter (8)

34. American sitcom, first broadcast in 1988, featuring the Conner family (8)

35. Temporary accommodat­ion which has been rebuilt in northern Sweden each year since 1990 (3,5)

38. Floating wreckage of a ship, or goods which have gone overboard (6)

41. Employment website founded in Australia in 1997 (4)

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