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E-bike praise


As someone who has actually ridden an e-bike from Whangamata to Auckland, I can assure CG Duff (Letters, January 14) that it’s quite achievable, and beats being stuck in a traffic jam on the southern motorway.

However, I think Duff misses the point David Slack was making. We need alternativ­es to fossil-fuelled metal boxes for transport, and rapid rail combined with bikes (eor otherwise) provides a flexible and efficient 21st century option.

Alastair Smith, Wellington It was extremely disappoint­ing to see Slack (January 14), completely overlook and give context to the reason why the National opposition have submitted so many written questions in Parliament.

The Labour-led Government have provided nonsensica­l and obfuscator­y answers. If National ask how many meetings a minister attended over a period of, say, a month, the response might be a request to define what is meant by ‘‘meetings’’ and to be more specific as to the timeframe.

The asking of a large number of

specific questions is an entirely proportion­al response to the refusal of ministers to seriously answer reasonable questions.

Incidental­ly, in July 2010 Labour asked 8791 written questions. I assume Slack would call that ‘‘vigorous opposition’’.

Frederick O Williscrof­t, Wellington

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