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Maori royals


In ‘‘Keeping the Queen’’ (Focus, January 14), Dean Knight opines that a young Maori kid can never aspire to the highest constituti­onal office in New Zealand.

Maori are already in the line of succession to the throne. Gary Lewis, an East Coast Maori, married Lady Davina Lewis (was Windsor), daughter of the Duke of Gloucester. She is currently number 28 in the line of succession. Their daughter Senna Kowhai, born 2010 is 29th and their son Tane Mahuta, born 2012, is 30th in line. Maori are well up the list compared with me and my Irish ancestry.

My concern is whether New Zealand becomes a republic within the Commonweal­th or decides to go it alone outside.

Sir Don McKinnon’s book, written about the time he was Commonweal­th secretary general, is quite revealing about the workings of the Commonweal­th, and its benefits to member countries.

We would be mad to go it alone as a republic.

Cecily Wheeler, Rangiora

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