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Citroen Mehari


OK, so it’s not a Peugeot, but technicall­y Peugeot did own Citroen when the Mehari was still in production, so this one is more a case of what could have been. Built on 2CV mechanical­s, the Mehari was actually remarkably close to what we call an SUV today – a car-based semi-offroader that was offered in 2WD and 4WD versions (the 4WD Mehari came in 1979, after Peugeot purchased Citroen).

Peugeot was trying all sorts of weird prototype versions of its tiny 104 at the time and if it had given a rebadged Mehari a go as a 104 SUV it could have been well ahead of the game instead of playing catch up now.

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