A fish­ing trip deep into the ‘dark web’

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wouldn’t get any­thing for less than 5k.

Blow me down, Face­book Mar­ket­place is amaz­ing! It’s like Briscoes – the sale never ends! What’s every­one so wor­ried about? Yeah, there are a few scam­mers here and there, but those kinds of peo­ple also knock on your door dur­ing din­ner­time and ask you to change power com­pany.

Face­book Mar­ket­place is bloody bril­liant.

I came across a 14ft fi­bre­glass boat – in­cludes out­board, VHF ra­dio, bilge pump, Fish Fin­der, an­chor winch and a trailer with WOF and rego. It was too good to be true. But it was true – a Wat­son wor­thy win­ner.

Two days later and my new old boat, Bung In, was sit­ting in the drive­way – all $2700 of her.

‘‘Oh that sounds too cheap,’’ Dad mut­tered on the phone. ‘‘Yeah watch out with that ay,’’ my brother warned.

My wife came out to see what I was so ex­cited about: ‘‘Wow. It’s pretty crappy.’’

Pffft. They were just jeal­ous.

I had done it.

I had found the best boat bar­gain any Wat­son had ever dis­cov­ered. I was like Cap­tain Cook dis­cov­er­ing New Zealand (to be hon­est, my boat is prob­a­bly of the same era).

The guy I bought it off as­sured me she was trust­wor­thy, he had ba­si­cally crossed Cook Strait with her – I was a proud Wat­son boat owner.

Yeah sure, since buy­ing her there have been a few ‘‘fun’’ mo­ments.

Trip one, I dis­cov­ered some old drill holes in the hull and we kind of al­most cer­tainly started sink­ing. We made it back to the jetty, and I’ve since plugged them up.

All good.

Trip two, the steer­ing snapped, and I had to use a bait board as a rud­der to get back across the chan­nel to the boat ramp – all fixed now, though.

Trip three and the trailer rollers fell off while she was be­ing loaded on to the trailer. Hon­estly un­pre­dictable. No one’s fault.

And trip four she would only go in re­verse. ‘‘It’s like a bumper boat!’’ I told the kids.

‘‘Dad I want Mum!’’ they screamed back.

Would I have had this much ‘‘fun’’ had I bought a proper, more ex­pen­sive boat? No. It would just be bor­ing straight­for­ward, has­sle-free fish­ing. Lame.

Face­book Mar­ket­place – live a lit­tle.

Jor­dan Wat­son’s boat­ing bar­gain was a find wor­thy of his fam­ily tra­di­tions.

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