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‘‘Babe, I’m go­ing to buy a boat this sum­mer to take the kids out fish­ing.’’ ‘‘Ok, make sure it’s a good one, maybe spend a lit­tle bit more,’’ she replies.

Some­times I think my wife has no idea who I am.

Like his fa­ther be­fore him, my fa­ther is a fish­er­man.

His el­dest son is a fish­er­man.

His sec­ond-el­dest son – makes internet videos.

I needed a boat to carry on the Wat­son tradition. Fish­ing is what we know – or what I need to learn to know more of . . .

Just like the Wat­son tradition – I was go­ing to try to find the best bar­gain pos­si­ble. Bar­gains are also what we Wat­sons know well.

My old man spends more time on Trade Me than watch­ing TV.

He has one of those fold­out ‘‘eat your din­ner at the couch’’ ta­bles – but it’s for his com­puter.

If he knew how to op­er­ate those fancy Google Glasses he would have a con­stant stream of ‘‘clos­ing soon’’ auc­tions be­ing pro­jected onto his eye­balls. His yard is full of boat­ing ‘‘bar­gains’’. When you see his bar­gains, you quickly re­alise beauty re­ally is in the eye of the be­holder.

Dad says, ‘‘Clos­ing soon is where you find the bar­gains’’.

But I wanted to go cheaper. I wanted to find the best Wat­son bar­gain to date. I skipped Trade Me and went straight to what many con­sider to be the dark web. Face­book Mar­ket­place. No se­cu­rity, no ‘‘rank­ings’’. The Wild West of on­line shop­ping. Dun dun du­u­u­u­unnnnn!

Any­thing goes, un­less of course, it’s the boat I end up buy­ing.

Dad and my brother, who both have mas­ters de­grees in Trade Me, said I

Trip one, I dis­cov­ered some old drill holes in the hull and we kind of al­most cer­tainly started sink­ing.

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