2018 year-end quiz:

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To­day is the 9th of De­cem­ber, which means there are only 22 days left in a year dwin­dling down to a point where a pres­i­dent is praised as ‘‘pres­i­den­tial’’ for manag­ing to sit still through a fu­neral ser­vice.

Just 22 days left in a year that has stock­mar­kets spooked, a sim­mer­ing Chi­nese US trade war, and our na­tion wrestling with the phi­los­o­phy of Fa­ther Christmas. As Plato wrote all those years ago: ‘‘Hu­man be­hav­iour flows from four main sources: de­sire, emo­tion, knowl­edge, and the re­as­sur­ance that Santa is white.’’

They don’t make years like they used to, that’s for sure. Who’d want to live through this one twice? His­tory only re­peats for those who don’t learn from it, so let’s re­view the les­sons of 2018 by fol­low­ing this handy lit­tle prac­tice test with an­swers pro­vided.

Just as an aside – and I hope I’m not jinx­ing any­thing – re­mem­ber 2016 when every­one died? Hor­ri­ble, wasn’t it? But at the end of it all, the won­der­ful Clive James had en­dured, hav­ing more or less signed out and apol­o­gised for still be­ing here. An­other year and an­other have passed, and still, he goes on. There’s your Christmas mir­a­cle.

Any­way, please pick up your pen­cils, your time starts now.

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