Of­fender ar­rests re­duce bur­glar­ies

Taupo & Turangi Weekender - - News - Phil Ed­wards Se­nior Sergeant Taupo Po­lice

Kia ora koutou. We had a good week last week in Taupo¯ af­ter ex­e­cut­ing some search war­rants on of­fend­ers who were com­mit­ting bur­glar­ies in the lo­cal area. As a re­sult of that we re­cov­ered a lot of stolen prop­erty and ar­rested three peo­ple in­de­pen­dent of each other. Charges will be laid in re­la­tion to these bur­glar­ies.

As a re­sult we’ve seen a de­crease in bur­glar­ies in Taupo¯ at present but you still need to take your nor­mal se­cu­rity pre­cau­tions like lock­ing up your house, keep­ing valu­ables out of sight in your ve­hi­cle and keep­ing an eye on what’s go­ing on in your neigh­bour­hood. We’re in­ter­ested in hear­ing any re­ports of peo­ple loi­ter­ing around on push bikes with­out hel­mets, young fel­las in groups — any­thing out of the or­di­nary in your area. If you do see some­thing sus­pi­cious or out of place, call Po­lice straight away on 111 and we’ll come and check it out.

We’re cur­rently do­ing ex­tra pa­trolling in the Hill­top and Nukuhau ar­eas be­cause those are the hot spots at the mo­ment for bur­glar­ies and thefts from cars and we are sit­ting at about five to six bur­glar­ies per week in Taupo¯.

Our fo­cus is on try­ing to keep those num­bers down, and the best way at the mo­ment is keep­ing an eye on peo­ple who have war­rants out for their ar­rest. At present we have 14 lo­cal peo­ple with ac­tive war­rants to ar­rest and next week we are go­ing to start knock­ing on doors of friends, as­so­ci­ates and work col­leagues to look for these peo­ple. If they would rather come to the Po­lice Sta­tion and sort those war­rants out with us in­stead, that would be great. Ar­rest war­rants can be for a non-ap­pear­ance at court and some­times it’s a gen­uine mis­take but nine times out of 10 they are avoid­ing us and fam­i­lies are hid­ing them so we need to re­solve those, es­pe­cially with Christ­mas com­ing.

If they don’t deal with their out­stand­ing war­rant and we do wind up ar­rest­ing the per­son, they’re held in cus­tody un­til the next court date. If you want to avoid a stint in the cells, we sug­gest you come in and sort it out as soon as pos­si­ble. The courts shut down over Christ­mas and if you’re locked up over that time by po­lice, you’ll be spend­ing the fes­tive sea­son in the slam­mer un­til the courts re­open.

We’ve had a few peo­ple tell us about a no­tice­able in­crease in gangs com­ing into town on the week­ends re­cently. We’re aware that these peo­ple are rid­ing their bikes through Taupo¯ and us­ing it as a place to stop. They are keep­ing to them­selves but be­cause they are com­ing through in big groups of 20 to 50 it can be in­tim­i­dat­ing. How­ever while they are gang mem­bers, there is no risk to the pub­lic and we do mon­i­tor them when they come through. Hav­ing said that, peo­ple need to ring us to let us know if they see some­thing that wor­ries them, rather than com­ment­ing on so­cial me­dia or email­ing us af­ter­wards. If you see some­thing you’re con­cerned about, call us at the time and we will check it out.

Ma¯ te wa¯, Phil.

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