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Taupo & Turangi Weekender - - Letters To The Editor - I W WALKER (abridged)

At the very first meet­ing that Taupo¯ District Coun­cil called to an­nounce its in­ten­tion to build its CAB of­fice on Ton­gariro Do­main, one of the first as­sur­ances coun­cil rep­re­sen­ta­tive Mr King gave was that peo­ple would have op­por­tu­nity to say no to the pro­posal. Yet the list of coun­cil’s CAB sites on the do­main that con­sul­tants pre­sented made no pro­vi­sion for a no to the CAB. I have gone through the on­line sur­vey mon­key tab­u­la­tion of re­sults num­ber­ing around 350 com­pletely le­git­i­mate re­sponses to each option to find if CAB pres­ence on the do­main is wanted.

For option A 212 say no. 69 say yes and 58 are un­de­cided. For option B 202 say no and 81 say yes, with 50 un­de­cided. For option C 209 say no, 77 yes, 61 un­de­cided. For option D 212 say no, 62 yes, 55 un­de­cided.

In gen­eral com­ments 90 say no, 72 yes, 28 un­de­cided. The no CAB re­sult is very clear and com­plies with leg­is­la­tion con­trol­ling recre­ational re­serves, which states coun­cil must con­sult the Min­is­ter for per­mis­sion to erect any struc­ture on such a re­serve. Places of work such as the CAB are forbidden. Coun­cil’s sur­vey re­sult is clear ev­i­dence of com­mu­nity op­po­si­tion.

For reasons known only to the con­sul­tants in its “key prin­ci­ples and points raised” they have cho­sen to dis­re­gard the no re­sponses and the prom­ise Mr King made at the be­gin­ning that a no would be lis­tened to. Elected coun­cil mem­bers should read the Re­serves Act care­fully. Devel­op­ment on the do­main that fol­lows the “prin­ci­ples” of the Act to de­velop recre­ation and leisure with­out the CAB is avail­able so long as we take our time, do it prop­erly, and can pay for it.

I don’t know how coun­cil thinks they can get away with this, an oc­cu­pa­tion on the do­main forbidden un­der the Re­serves Act, a ma­jor­ity no re­sponse to their sur­vey, in­creased traffic on the do­main forbidden in the district plan via their do­main man­age­ment plan. The pluses be­ing a cul­tural cen­tre, that could go ahead with­out the CAB. Vi­tal­i­sa­tion of the CBD for un­der an hour around 12pm as staff have lunch five days a week that could hap­pen from Tu¯whare­toa St any­way. All to re­vive an idea that failed last time it was tried. They must think the Min­is­ter is very naive.

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