Cooler in De­cem­ber

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The first week of De­cem­ber has pro­duced be­low av­er­age tem­per­a­tures, but this is ex­pected to change as we move fur­ther into the sum­mer months. Rain­fall has been about the av­er­age, keep­ing in mind that De­cem­ber is the sec­ond wettest month of the year after June. This is largely be­cause the warmer days pro­duce con­vec­tive thun­der­storms, often a fea­ture of De­cem­ber in Taupo¯. The wettest De­cem­ber in 2011 pro­duced 231.0mm on 18 wet days while the dri­est in 2009 pro­duced 39.0mm on 10 days. Con­vec­tive thun­der­storms oc­cur when the sun heats the ground and the hot air rises to the colder up­per at­mos­phere and the cu­mu­lus clouds (like blobs of cot­ton wool) start to bil­low and grow dur­ing the day into large tow­er­ing cu­mu­lus (cau­li­flower-like clouds). These often bil­low as they grow fur­ther and a cir­rus-like anvil forms. These are then cu­mulo-nim­bus or thun­der­clouds that empty out often bring­ing tor­ren­tial down­pours and even hail. These are gen­er­ally lo­calised and while the Taupo¯ Air­port might re­ceive a drench­ing, not far away Taupo¯ may re­ceive no rain.

The last week of spring, Novem­ber, recorded just 92.0mm of rain (22.8mm above av­er­age) the max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture av­er­aged 18.7 deg (0.9 de­grees above) and the min­i­mum tem­per­a­ture av­er­aged 7.7 de­grees (0.1 de­grees above).

The weather should de­te­ri­o­rate late on Mon­day after a warm and sunny week­end, with the rest of the week quite un­set­tled with lit­tle wind.

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