Taupo & Turangi Weekender : 2020-07-30

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4 Taupo¯ & Tu¯rangi Weekender Jul 30, 2020 dailypost.co.nz | TAUPO POLICE REPORT Gang members arrested after fast-food fracas T e¯ na¯ koutou katoa, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. It is great to have fine weather, but that does come with risks on our roads. When travelling in the mornings please take care with ice on the roads. In my previous role as the road policing manager I had to attend more than my fair share of crashes due to people not driving to the conditions, some resulting in serious injuries. Last week we apprehende­d five gang members after a fracas at a local fast-food outlet. They will all be appearing in court this week. The community does not want this behaviour in and around our town. This anti-social behaviour will be met with a zero-tolerance approach rather than our graduated response. We will not accept gangs intimidati­ng locals and visitors to our town. If anyone has any informatio­n they wish to share you can do this anonymousl­y at www. crimestopp­ers-nz.org/ or 0800 555 111. It was pleasing to see that our calls for service in relation to family harm situations reduced from last week. Alcohol continues to be a factor in our calls for service. The Impairment Prevention Team (booze bus) was in town last Saturday night and removed five drink drivers off our roads in a space of two hours. One driver was travelling to Rotorua from Taupo¯ and was three times over the legal limit. These people are putting our loved ones at risk by driving on our roads while intoxicate­d. We need to make sure we look after our wha¯ nau and mates and intervene before they make a decision to drive after drinking. Your efforts could save them losing their licence and will save lives. Burglaries and thefts from vehicles unfortunat­ely are a weekly occurrence in and around Taupo¯ . Upon reviewing these crimes some could easily be prevented by good old-fashioned crime prevention advice. Remove valuables from sight. Record serial numbers. Use good solid locks on doors and windows. It was pleasing to get feedback from our partners after last week’s blurb and hear that Neighbourh­ood Support has several new groups. Well done to these groups and spread the word. Remember we all need to work together to keep Taupo¯ a safe place. Stay safe, Fane Troy. Response manager, Taupo¯ Police

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