Taupo & Turangi Weekender : 2020-07-30

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Weekly COMMUNITY NEWS WITH TAUPŌ DISTRICT COUNCIL 30 JULY 2020 TAUPŌ MARATHON HITS THIS WEEKEND FOLLOWING A BUSY school holiday period for the Taupō District, retailers and other businesses are preparing for another influx of visitors this weekend, with the Taupō Marathon set to take place this Sunday. Council events manager Steve Giles is happy to see events back on the radar across the Taupō District. “We have a great community here that love hosting people and we always get a great turn out for the Taupō marathon,” he said. “All upcoming events will help stimulate our local economy too, which is great.” If you're competing this year, remember to bring your hydration pack or reusable bottle. This year organisers Total Sport have also excluded plastic cups from aid stations, in an effort to reduce the environmen­tal impact of their events. Make sure you head down and cheer on friends, family and everyone else out there giving it a crack!. GREAT LAKE PATHWAY BRINGING IMPROVED LAKE ACCESS WHEN WORK IS completed on the Lake Terrace section of the Great Lake Pathway, residents will also find it easier to get down to the lake. Local Verna Cook-Jackson regularly walks or jogs along Lake Terrace and got in touch with the Great Lake Pathway project team to let them know she thought there should be improved access down to lake at some point. “I often see senior members of the community that live close to Lake Terrace area. They are keen to have an area to access the lake edge that is easier to navigate than the current steep embankment,” she said. “We are delighted the team have accommodat­ed our request. It will be fantastic to use the new pathway and get to the water's edge safely.” Landscape architect Fraser Scott said plans were already in place to make the lakeside safer by reducing a steep escarpment and incorporat­e access tracks just south of the gum trees. “We've managed to incorporat­e two access points to make is easier for people to get down to the water,” he said. “It will include a gentle grass slope that fits in with the surroundin­g landscape.” ROAD CLOSURES The following road closures will be in place on Sunday 2 August. • Tongariro Street from Heuheu Street. to Lake Terrace, 7am – 1pm • Lake Terrace from Tongariro Street to Roberts Street, 7am – 1pm • Lake Terrace from Roberts Street to Mere Road (Northbound lane only), 7am – 1pm • Ferry Road from Lake Terrace to Redoubt Street (Restricted access in place), 6:30am – 1pm • Story Place from Police Station to Redoubt Street (Restricted access in place), 6:30am – 1pm • Redoubt Street from Tongariro Street to Story Place (Restricted access place), 6:30am to 1pm. WORKING CLOSELY WITH IRONMAN FOR 2022 DATE RATES INSTALMENT­S DUE IN AUGUST WE ARE INCREDIBLY disappoint­ed to share the news that the 2020 edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championsh­ips, which was due to take place here, has been cancelled. INVOICES FOR THE first rates instalment for the 2020/21 rating year are being sent out from 1 August 2020. Payment for this instalment is due by 20 August. The decision by organisers was based on careful considerat­ion, taking into account the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and border and travel restrictio­ns across the world. However, we are working closely with IRONMAN and our key partners, stakeholde­rs and the wider community to confirm a date to bring the event to Taupō in 2022. Watch this space!. You may notice changes to your rates bill. This is due to last year's updates to property valuation, not due to any increase in rates collected by council. We have promised a zero per cent rates rise, and we have exceeded that target, with average total rates per property less 0.43 per cent, compared to last year. How do property revaluatio­ns affect my rates bill? If you think of the council's rates income as a pie, the size of the pie does not get any bigger as a result of the revaluatio­n. However, a ratepayer's slice of pie might get bigger or smaller depending on how their property value has changed in relation to the average change of the district. FURTHER SAFETY MEASURES TO BE ADDED TO INTERSECTI­ON What does an increase in my residentia­l property valuation mean for me? Last year's property revaluatio­ns resulted in significan­t increases to residentia­l property values – on average the district's residentia­l property values increased by 38%. If your property has gone up by more than the average of the district, then your proportion of the general rate will go up (as your slice of ‘pie' has increased). If your property's value has increased by less than the average, then your proportion will go down (as your slice of ‘pie' has decreased). FOLLOWING FEEDBACK from the community, further safety measures will be added as soon as practicabl­e to the Kiddle Drive / Arrowsmith Avenue / Napier Road intersecti­on. This includes the addition of rumble strips on the approach to the stop signs on Napier Road. Infrastruc­ture manager Denis Lewis said additional signage had already planned, following the removal of the digital sign boards, however with the feedback from the community last week, council had decided to also add rumble strips to the intersecti­on. “We have listened to the community and will be looking to add rumble strips to Napier Road along with 50km/h road markings to Kiddle Drive, to remind drivers of the reduction in speed limit. “Since the change in priority last October, we have also added larger stop signs and additional roadmarkin­gs on Napier How much is council collecting in rates, compared to last year? Last year, the council collected $44.82 million in general rates. In the 2020/21 year, we will collect the same amount - $44.82 million in general rates. Last year, the council collected $25.646 million in targeted rates. In the 2020/21 year, we will collect $26.006 million in targeted rates. this is because the number of rateable properties has increased from 22,986 to 23,204, not due to an increase in targeted rates. To find out more and ways to pay head to taupo.govt.nz/rates. Road, where drivers are required to stop. “We will also be looking at what further options we can do as part of next year's Long-term Plan – including the option of a roundabout,” he said. 0800 ASK TDC taupō.govt.nz Taupō District Council @Taupō_DC Antenno @ Email your elected members at councillor­s@taupo.govt.nz Mayor David Trewavas Mayor Deputy Christine Rankin Kylie Leonard John Boddy Kathy Guy Anna Park Kevin Taylor Yvonne Westerman John Williamson Tangonui Kingi John Mack Kirsty Trueman

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