Thump­ing bass from lo­cal gym frus­trat­ing res­i­dents

Te Awamutu Courier - - News - BY BETHANY ROL­STON

Loud mu­sic can mo­ti­vate peo­ple to ex­er­cise, but the noise that blasts from Func­tional Fit­ness Te Awa­mutu (for­merly CrossFit Waipa¯) is a night­mare for nearby res­i­dent Kerry Bowler.

How­ever, Waipa¯ District Coun­cil and the owner of Func­tional Fit­ness say the noise is not an is­sue.

Kerry and her mother live on Park Rd and their house backs onto Rickit Rd, a few doors down from Func­tional Fit­ness.

For the last year Kerry has been wo­ken up at 6am most days by the thud­ding bass com­ing from the build­ing dur­ing its morn­ing CrossFit ses­sions.

CrossFit is a strength and con­di­tion­ing pro­gramme con­sist­ing mainly of a mix of aer­o­bic ex­er­cise, body weight ex­er­cises, and Olympic weightlift­ing.

There are 24 Crossfit ses­sions per week at Func­tional Fit­ness, the first at 6am Mon­day to Fri­day. On Satur­days there is an 8.30am ses­sion and on Sun­days there are ses­sions at 3pm and 4.30pm.

Kerry has had enough of the mu­sic that plays dur­ing the work­outs.

“The bass gets through the walls and in­side the house, even to my bed­room on the far side of the house,” she says.

“Our house is fully in­su­lated, dou­ble glazed and we don’t have win­dows open at that time of the morn­ing.

“It wakes me up and it’s im­pos­si­ble to get back to sleep.”

Kerry’s first move was to ap­proach the gym.

“I went down and said ‘hey, we live nearby and would you mind turn­ing the bass down in the morn­ings?’

“I was told ‘no, that’s not hap­pen­ing — we don’t have to’. I thought the way they dealt with it was quite rude.”

“In the sum­mer it’s also very an­noy­ing in the evening be­cause we can’t sit out­side and en­joy din­ner on our pa­tio with the thump­ing bass.

“All I ask is that the bass gets turned down in the morn­ing — just for the one morn­ing ses­sion. It’s a bit ex­ces­sive.”

Kerry is a law stu­dent at the Univer­sity of Waikato and also works part-time.

“My time to deal with this is­sue is very re­stricted — and mov­ing out of the house isn’t re­ally an op­tion. I re­ally need my sleep — what I can get of it.”

Kerry also ap­proached Waipa¯ District Coun­cil.

“We tried to lodge noise com­plaints but some­times they don’t bother turn­ing up and other times they do.

“Be­cause of the time of the morn­ing, the com­plaint has to go to Hamil­ton and it can take over an hour be­fore some­one ar­rives.”

By then the morn­ing Crossfit ses­sion has fin­ished and the gym has emp­tied out.

“Some months ago the coun­cil did go down and speak to the gym. That had no ef­fect so I talked to them again and found they’d ac­tu­ally gone to an­other gym — not the one that was caus­ing the is­sues.

“They did even­tu­ally go and speak to the right gym, Func­tional Fit­ness Te Awa­mutu, and they did agree to turn it down.”

“For a few weeks that was okay, but then they just car­ried on with their mu­sic as usual.”

Coun­cil con­firmed it had re­ceived five calls from one com­plainant re­gard­ing the premise since March this year and each com­plaint was as­sessed im­me­di­ately.

En­vi­ron­men­tal ser­vices team leader Karl Tutty says the gym and the com­plainant’s prop­erty are in the com­mer­cial zone where noise must not ex­ceed 55 deci­bels.

“Coun­cil is re­quired to re­spond to all noise com­plaints to as­sess whether the noise is ‘ex­ces­sive’ or ‘un­rea­son­able’. Where this is found to be the case, a range of ac­tion can be taken.

“Coun­cil has al­ready taken ac­tion in this case. Coun­cil of­fi­cers re­sponded to the noise com­plaints and vis­ited the gym to raise the is­sue with the cor­rect op­er­a­tor on two oc­ca­sions.

“Of­fi­cers have not found the noise to be ex­ces­sive, so no for­mal ac­tion has been taken. They have judged the noise to be ac­cept­able in the com­mer­cial zone.”

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