Coun­cil for­gets about ratepay­ers

Te Awamutu Courier - - News - HAY­DEN WOODS (Abridged)

The last Courier iden­ti­fied Waipa¯ District Coun­cil help­ing its very own staff to pur­chase e-bikes.

The premise of this un­der­ly­ing mes­sage is so silly I am shocked to say that the CEO and CFO sup­port this, it ob­vi­ously high­lights that coun­cil has de­vi­ated from its obli­ga­tions to main­tain the district for the ratepay­ers (not pro­vid­ing for and pro­tect­ing its coun­cil staff).

I am sure these well paid staff can af­ford their own bike, in­stead coun­cil again is di­vert­ing funds to pro­vide — get this ‘in­ter­est free’ loans to staff to pur­chase these e-bikes — dis­re­gard­ing whether ratepay­ers would ben­e­fit from this by hav­ing the same ac­cess to the ‘in­ter­est free’ loans.

That aside, this shows a bla­tant dis­re­gard by coun­cil for its ratepay­ers, their ig­no­rance and strong re­luc­tance to main­tain the district.

Clear ev­i­dence of this, is the dis­re­gard to main­tain­ing Te Awa­mutu’s wa­ter sup­ply, an is­sue coun­cil has known about and been pre­sented over 20 years ago, yet they di­vert funds from ac­tu­ally do­ing any­thing about it.

They con­tinue twid­dling their fin­gers, pulling funds off ratepay­ers. Is it these funds they are us­ing for coun­cil staff’s e-bikes? Or is it the funds from the re­cently handed over Palmer St coun­cil units to Habitat For Humanity, or the funds for cre­at­ing the be­lated Piron­gia Cy­cle Track that we heard so much about?

By the time that coun­cil pro­cras­ti­nates over the pur­chase of these e-bikes the cost would go a long way to putting on an en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly bus ser­vice that would achieve the same goal, but also ser­vice the ratepay­ers who have been again for­got­ten about here.

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