Te Awamutu Courier

To every William, Wiremu, Wěi, Walter, Willow and Waverly, we say thanks.


In 2002, Kiwibank was launched with one purpose: to make Kiwi better off.

20 years on and one million incredible customers later, we still believe in a better New Zealand for all. So thank you Aotearoa.

Thank you all 31,002 Jacks, Jessiahs and Jasmines — quite a few but it does include a fair few Johns. To the Henrys, Hana, Harrys, Harriets 4,078 thank yous.

Thank you to the Lěi, Lewis, Laras, Líng, Lauras and Louies

The Christophe­rs, Chrises, Chrisses, Chrissys, Krishnas, Christys, Christos, Tophers, and Kits, all 9,679 of you, our thanks.

To the 2,990 Sharons, the Shars and the Chers, thanks to you all.

The Matthews and Matts (both one and two Ts) thank you, you 12,012 gloriously named humans. The Marys, Manaia, Marias, Mohammed, Marijes, Maires and Marees

— a collective thank you to the 8,956 of you.

The Thomases, Tomases, Tamati, Tomaszs, Tama, Toms and Tommys

— all of you, plus the Tims, Timothys, Tane mean we owe you 18,004 thank yous.

The Anthonys, Antonys, Antonies, Tonys, Tonis, Antoinette­s and Ants, 10,075 thank yous.

To every Tracey, Tia, Tawhiri, Tui and Tai — thank you one and all.

To the Roses, Daisys, Irises, Violets, Leilanis, Lillys, Lilies, Lillas, Lils and Lilas

— thank you in the flowery-est words possible.

To Priya and Paulo, Patrick and Paige, 296 of our finest thank yous go to you.

To the 27,890 Michaels, Mikes, Michels, Mikaels, Mikhails, Miguels, Micks, Mikeys, Mikaere, and Mikaeles our sincerest thanks.

The Josephs, Iosefa, Joes, Jozifs, Josips, Johannes and Josés, 16,789 thank yous to you.

And another 5,901 to the Joannes, Jìng, Joans, Joannas and Johannahs.

The Nigels, down on previous decades but still a solid 278 thank yous coming your way.

Thank you the Jos, Bos, Mos, Ros, Zoes and Flos — 5,989 of you at last count.

A big thanks to all 10,009 Sams, Sammys, Samuels, Samanthas, Kamuelas and Ishmeals. Thanks to every Semi, Hemi and Demi.

To the Frans, Frannys, Franceses, Fāng, Fatima, Francescas, Frank and Frankies, our thanks.

To the hyphenates, a staggering 9,901 of you Ivy-Roses, Tommy-Lees and all the myriad other splendidly double-barrelled amongst you — a big thank-you from us.

To the outliers, the oddly spelt, the creatively named, the uniquely monikered, thanks a lot.

And to everyone we may have overlooked, but especially to our foundation customers, we truly appreciate your support.

Two decades on we’re just getting started.

Ngā mihi ki a koe.

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