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$70k of funds up for grabs to help district’s art projects


Creative arts projects taking place in the Waipa¯ district between April 15 and October 15 are now eligible to apply for funding grants through Creative New Zealand’s Creative Communitie­s Scheme.

This round closes at 5pm on Friday, April 15.

Eligible projects must support at least one of the following criteria:

Access and participat­ion — creating opportunit­ies for local communitie­s to engage with and participat­e in local arts activities.

Diversity — supporting the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communitie­s.

Young people — enabling people under 18 to engage with and participat­e in the arts.

Individual­s or groups can apply for the Creative Communitie­s Scheme, however, individual­s must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

The scheme’s grants are allocated by an assessment committee made up of members of the Waipa¯ community with an interest in and knowledge of the arts.

Scheme administra­tor and Waipa¯ District Council community adviser Gina Scott said the Waipa¯ allocation now had $70,000 available and she encouraged people with creative ideas to get in touch.

“There is no limit to the amount of funding each applicatio­n requests, however, grants are typically given between $500 and $5000.

“The scheme recently received extra government funding due to the impacts on the arts caused by the ongoing Covid-19 restrictio­ns so there is a lot more than usual to dish out,” said Gina.

“The committee would love to see some awesome arts and creative projects delivered this round so don’t hesitate to get in touch and apply.”

Alex Wilkinson, who lives in Kihikihi, is a ceramic artist who makes pottery through her business, Mystery Creeks Ceramics.

She is also chairwoman of the panel for the Waipa¯ Creative Communitie­s fund.

“In terms of helping people with projects, this money could fund a new body of work for an artist to display, it could make a workshop more affordable for participan­ts,” said Alex.

“It can also fund a show from start to finish, fund an artist residency or a book, anything really.”

Previous successful projects include kapa haka festivals, various artistic workshops, film festivals, theatre production­s, concerts and the production of artworks that can be enjoyed by the public.

“For those wishing to apply who have questions about a project’s eligibilit­y, or would like advice on filling out the draft applicatio­n before applying, Creative Waikato is a great place to start,” said Gina.

Further informatio­n about the Creative Communitie­s Scheme fund, eligibilit­y criteria and applicatio­n forms are available at waipadc.govt. nz/creativeco­mmunities. To get independen­t advice on your project, go to creativewa­ikato.co.nz or email, hello@creativewa­ikato. co.nz

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