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Now that we, as a nation, honour tyrants (King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia) on their death by flying our flag at half mast, I am curious to know whether advance plans have been made for the demise of Robert Mugabe. He is in his 90s and can’t go on for much longer. MARGARET McKAY, Harbourvie­w I found your article Real benefits in online kids’ play (January 31) to be abhorrent. These apps are given away with the aim of creating addiction in children. The trilliondo­llar digital communicat­ions business thrives on people’s addiction to their gadgets in the same way Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol do. JAMES CHAPPELL, Kapiti Coast The law will always favour the rich over the poor due to a basic fact. New Zealand law is firmly based on English law. Over the centuries English laws were written by the rich and powerful. Basically the aim was to protect the rich and control the poor. Little has changed since then. The only way to beat the system is to get rich. REG FOWLES, Waikanae What a beautiful, poetic story from Jane Bowron, on the grief over the loss of her cat (February 2). Her story belongs among the masterpiec­es of writing. Our family, too, have had a dearly loved cat, sadly no longer with us. We understand the emotions that such a relationsh­ip can bring, and sympathise strongly with Jane. BOB BEVAN SMITH, Vogeltown In 2013 the Wellington Sevens featured 12 arrests in the stadium and 47 ejections. This resulted in media outrage and then the police introducin­g draconian measures to curb alcohol sales in 2014 and subsequent reduction in ticket sales and associated revenue for the region. The 2015 Auckland Nines featured 8 arrests and 54 ejections and it appears that both the media and police are happy? BARNABY SHIELS-REDDIN, Korokoro

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