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I see that Winston Peters is wanting to give all us ‘‘oldies’’ three free GP visits a year.

Last winter I caught a cold which I thought would run its course, so didn’t bother going to the GP until it was too late.

It had developed into pneumonia, resulting in eight days in hospital. I wouldn’t blame it all on the cost, but if the GP visit was free I would have gone to the GP immediatel­y.

I hear the government may veto this proposal because they don’t want Peters to get the and burned in a spectacula­r stuffup). He’s now planning to outsource state housing to charities – a policy that will not add one single extra house for those most in need.

And when things go wrong, Key’s earnest response is it was never his responsibi­lity and instead shifts the blame onto his Prime Minister’s Department, or that he wasn’t acting as the PM at credit, as it comes under the Super Gold Card brand, like free public transport.

Thank you Winston, it’s about time the senior citizens were looked after properly. RONALD SMYTHE

Mt Cook the time. So much for taking responsibi­lity, which I thought was a central tenet for his party’s beliefs.

One has to wonder what we’re paying he and his cronies for?

To appear on Breakfast TV for tame ‘‘interviews’’?

Photo-ops with kittens, puppies, and kiddies? FRANK MACSKASY


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