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Green Party needs to find sweet spot


I respond to Gareth Morgan’s suggestion that the Greens focus more on the environmen­t and less on social issues.

I agree with former Jeanette Fitzsimons’ reply that environmen­tal issues cannot be separated from social issues, but also agree with Morgan about what might be termed ‘‘the degree of focus’’. Returning to basics, if the Left and Right are put in their best possible light, the Left seeks maximum equality, while the Right seeks maximum freedom.

Problems arise when either ideal is applied to the environmen­t.

The Left wishes to take us all, equally, to a better world. The Right currently relies on Adam Smith, externalit­ies, and trickle down. At the extremes the one is unrealisti­c and the other unfair.

The Left risks a world of equally poor, the Right risks a security nightmare.

Without more, both risk environmen­tal disaster.

But there is always middle ground, where good people with patience may arrive at one of those rare opportunit­ies for a new paradigm – a more effective policy ‘‘place’’. The Green Party is good at consensus. I wish them well. ROB ORD


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